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Set out to discover the Atlantic by enjoying a selection of elegant and fresh wines, born and raised at our Vicentina Coast vineyards, planted 3km from the sea.

White Harvest 2018

Reflecting the harmony between the Atlantic and the Alentejo, the Vicentino White displays a  remarkable freshness that comes from the stimulating acidity that this duality offers. Moreover, it’s slightly vegetal character, a result from a blend of original varieties, reveals an extremely pleasant and refreshing wine.

Rosé Harvest 2018

From a project involving ambitious combinations was born this Rosé which, by itself, also ends up to be an interesting blend. In its pale pink colour, we can foresee the elegance it reveals in the mouth, where its extraordinary acidity combined with a texture that had been rounded up by the barrels in which it partially fermented. By combining the red fruit notes of Aragonez with the floral touch of Touriga Nacional, this wine shows a softness and a persistence that mirror the unique climatic conditions in which its grapes ripened.

Red Harvest 2018

Vicentino’s red is the wine that best represents the fusion between the warm Alentejo plains and the freshness of the Costa Vicentina. Its intense aroma of red and mature fruit is complemented on the palate by the tannins softened by the barrel and by the acidity that the smooth Atlantic breeze kept. After tasting, the feeling of a round and light wine that fills your palate remains, and an admirable aromatic persistence.

Arinto 2018

With a strong connection to Bucelas terroir, Arinto expresses itself in Vicentino respecting its origin in an elegant combination of the aromas that characterizes it. Herbaceous aromas and vibrant acidity combined with a citrus and saltiness, highlighting the proximity to the sea.

Alvarinho 2019

With a strong connection to the terroir of Monção, Alvarinho expresses itself in the Vicentino respecting its origin in an elegant combination of the aromas that characterize it. The vibrant acidity and minerality finishes in a salty end, evidencing the proximity to the sea.

Sauvignon Blanc 2019

The wine that most mirrors the perfect symbiosis between the ocean, the soil and the vineyards is the Vicentino Sauvignon Blanc. In this white wine, the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean is reflected in association with the typical characteristics of the variety, displaying light balanced tropical fruit notes combined with a fresh acidity. These sensations persist on the palate, providing a smooth and engaging taste.

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