Pinot Noir Naked 2019

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Planted in predominantly clay soils, with low production potential, the Vicentino grapes bear their best attributes. The low productivity imposed by the land enhances the quality of the grapes, promoting an optimum mix of organic acids, sugars and phenolic compounds. The achievement of this balance between quantity and quality, together with the mild climate, allows us to aim for excellency.


Pinot Noir.


Handpicked harvest followed by bunch selection at the winery. Fermented with 30% of the grapes in whole bunch and it was conducted with very light extraction to preserve the grape’s character. Ageing for 6 months in stainless steel tank.


Light and appealing ruby red colour. With no barrel ageing, Pinot Noir’s typical fruity flavours, as strawberries and cherries, become more expressive. The aroma shows a very balanced vegetable character with hints of cigars box. The palate is vibrant yet very elegant and smooth.


We recommend serving it cool, at around 14º C.

It pairs wonderfully with grilled fish, like seabass or the typical Portuguese sardines, or try it on a barbecue.


Alcohol: 12,5%
Capacity: 75cl 

€9.75 Unit price: €9.75 / Min. order: 6 and then multiples of 6


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